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Godox AD-S85W Deep Parabolic Godox Mount Softbox

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AD-S85W - (W)White interior. Godox-Mount Soft Box Parabolic Design 85 cm Diameter Parabolic Softbox that opens and closes speedily like an umbrella.
Resembling a tulip cup, the very deep canopy of this softbox is one of its important features. This shape allows the user to control precisely where the light falls. For AD400PRO & AD300PRO


Thanks to the unique umbrella design setup and breakdown is easy and quick. The Softbox is sold in a handy pouch keeping it safe and clean.
Godox mount is smaller and more portable. Parabolic design to provide a more even and soft light effect for shooting. Install outer diffuser: open the diffuser and evenly paste it to the softbox's edge. The Standard Godox mount makes it a suitable softbox for the AD300Pro and the AD400Pro Godox Strobes. A gold and a silver internal reflector are supplied with the soft box.

  • Studio and outdoor shooting are both suitable,
  • Extremely easy to install, time-saving and effortless,
  • Beautiful soft light stream,
  • Fast installation, compact size, and great portability


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