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    Godox AD-S65W Dome Parabolic Softbox 65cm

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    AD-S65W - (W)White interior. Godox-Mount Soft Box Parabolic Design 65 cm Diameter Parabolic Softbox that opens and closes speedily like an umbrella. Resembling a tulip cup, the very deep canopy of this softbox is one of its important features. This shape allows the user to control precisely where the light falls. Compatible with  Godox AD300Pro & AD400Pro Flash Light


    Thanks to the unique umbrella design setup and breakdown is easy and quick. The Softbox is sold in a handy pouch keeping it safe and clean.

    Godox mount is smaller and more portable

    Parabolic design to provide a more even and soft light effect for shooting.

    Install outer diffuser: open the diffuser and evenly paste it to the softbox's edge.

    The Standard Godox mount makes it a suitable softbox for the AD300Pro and the AD400Pro Godox Strobes. A gold and a silver internal reflector are supplied with the soft box.

    • Studio and outdoor shooting are both suitable
    • Extremely easy to install, time-saving and effortless
    • Beautiful soft light stream
    • Fast installation, compact size, and great portability


    Please check stock availability before making large purchases.

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