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Godox 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector 110cm

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The Godox 5-in-1 fold-up reflector consists of a gold, silver and white side to use to reflect light and to bounce it where you might need it. The black side is used to create more drama by adding a darker shadow or reduce light while the diffuser is used to create more diffused light. 

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The Godox 5-in-1 reflector is a fold-up reflector and is perfect for manipulating light in studio photography as well as on location. Reflectors can be used to bounce light back onto the subject to fill in and soften any shadows. This Godox reflector has a silver, gold as well as white covers which allows you freedom with the different effects they provide. A black cover is available for darkening any shadows and thus adding more contrast and drama to the image. Lastly, the cover can be completely removed which reveals a translucent panel that can be used to diffuse harsh light to create a softer effect and more diffused highlights. The Godox reflector comes in a strong nylon pouch with a zip.

  • 110cm Diameter Collapsible Reflector
  • Silver/Black/White/Gold/Translucent
  • Ideal for shooting portraits in brightly lit situations outdoors it can be very
  • handy to have a reflector on hand to assist you in ensuring that your photo is
  • well exposed.


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