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Eufy Motion Sensor

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The Eufy Motion Sensor seamlessly integrates into your home with a battery life of up to 2 years. You will get instant push notifications in the event of an intruder in your home. The Eufy Motion Sensors sensitivity can be adjusted not to pick up specific things for example pets, but only human-sized subjects.

Note: An Eufy HomeBase is required for using the Eufy Motion Sensor.


Security Home Alarm System Motion Sensor, 100° Coverage, 30 ft Range, 2-Year Battery Life, Adjustable Sensitivity (HomeBase Required)

Protection That Lasts

The included battery provides up to 2 years of power for round-the-clock security. Extensive Coverage: Detects motion within a 100° radius and up to 9 metres away - more than enough to secure an entire room of your home.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Tailor the sensitivity of the motion sensor so that it only alerts* when humans are in range rather than your playful pet dog or cat.

App Alerts*

Notifies you as soon as motion is detected, sending a message to your phone via the Security app, no matter where you are.

Link it Up

Connects to Security HomeBase (Not Included) and well as all other Security products. Simply pair it via the Security app and press the button on the sensor to add it to your system.

  • 2 Year Battery
  • Motion Detection
  • Adjustable Wall Mount
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Homebase detection Alert
  • Eufy Motion Sensor - White


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