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    Duke Sonic Grenade Tripwire Kit

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    The Duke Sonic Grenade has a detonation time of approximately 4,5 seconds, which offers the thrower enough time to lob the grenade into the desired area, but not enough time for the targets to escape. The Sonic Grenades are drop-safe with the safety pin and military grade pressure spring preventing any accidental detonations. We have put the grenades through a rigorous testing process to ensure total safety for the carrier, thrower, as well as the intended target.


    The kit comes standard with a fully re-usable core inside a pre-packed plastic shell. Just pull the pin, thump the depressible head and throw it in the direction of the intended target. Once the Grenade has been used, pick up the spent parts, wash off any debris and leave to dry. The core is now ready to be re-used.

    Room Penetration

    The grenade does not burn any of the oxygen in a room, making it safer than traditional teargas grenades with primers and long burning content.

    Vehicle Penetration

    Sonic volume is loud enough to distract targets, but with no permanent hearing damage.

    Urban Riot Control

    The Pepper Grenade has a 4,5 seconds delay, leaving the target no time to escape or neutralize the grenade.

    Correctional Facilities

    Small enough burst for use in prisoner cells, with no permanent damage to eyes or ears, minimal cross contamination, no shrapnel, no fire risk.


    The cores can be re-used with or without active ingredients, making them ideal and very cost effective for training purposes.

    Sensory Incapacitation

    By infiltrating the sensory system of an assailant, the capsaicin powder incapacitates an assailant for up to 20 minutes.


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