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Duke Pepper Storm Refill

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R 349.00
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This refill is needed to re-use the complete Pepper Storm. This is only the body filled with Pepper Powder.


The non-lethal Duke Pepper Storm is filled with a pepper powder mix, which spreads over a 5m radius when detonated. The grenade explodes with a sonic punch of approx. 130dB, so anyone in the blast radius receives a serious sonic shock as well as a healthy dose of pepper powder to deal with!

The grenade has a detonation time of approx. 3-5 seconds, which leaves very little chance for anyone to clear the blast radius. Optional Trip-Wire Attachment available as well.

Duke Pepper Grenades use 12g CO2 cartridges as propellant and therefore does not need any special licensing to own or operate. 12g CO2 cartridge sold seperately.

Although the Duke Pepper Grenade utilises a split pin to prevent accidental detonation, please handle every grenade with great care. All Duke Grenades are sold unassembled due to the risk of transporting live units. An instruction manual is included with every kit purchased.


Please check stock availability before making large purchases.

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