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    Duke Pepper Storm Kit

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    The non-lethal Duke Pepper Storm Kit is filled with a pepper powder mix, which spreads over a 5m radius when detonated. The grenade explodes with a sonic punch of approx. 130dB, so anyone in the blast radius receives a serious sonic shock as well as a healthy dose of pepper powder!


    The new Duke Pepper Storm Kit has been proudly developed and patented in South Africa. Our intention from the start was to offer a non-lethal solution that conforms to international human rights standards*

    Filled with our world-beating pepper powder, the units pack a serious sonic punch of approximately 120 – 128dB and a 5m pepper dispersion 360 degrees around the blast point. It also has significant hang-time of the pepper, so that it affects even the toughest targets.

    The Duke Pepper Grenade has a detonation time of approximately 4,5 seconds, which offers the thrower enough time to lob the grenade into the desired area, but not enough time for the targets to escape the pepper dispersion radius.

    The Pepper Grenades are drop- safe with the safety pin and military grade pressure spring preventing any accidental detonations.

    Duke's grenades contain no harmful chemicals, no primers, and no thermal reactions, so there is no fire or explosive hazard, which makes it intrinsically safe. Upon detonation, there is no shrapnel released, only the pepper is dispersed. The grenades do not fall under the international explosives acts, so they are totally legal to use in a self-defence situation.

    • CO2 Powered
    • Non-Flammable
    • Instant Pepper Spray Release
    • Self-Defense Against Assailants
    • Reusable Mechanism - Up to 50 Times
    • Safe to Use Indoors and For Training
    • Safety Pin For Prevention of Accidental Rupture
    • Dispersion Radius 5 m
    • Detonation Time 4.5 sec
    • Loudness 110 dB


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