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Sony Sensor Cleaning - DT Film Services | Durban

Clean Dust Particles or Smudges From the Surface of the Image Sensor.

DT Film Services is soon offering FREE in store Sony Sensor Cleaning to all Sony Camera owners.

Sony mirrorless sensors can easily get dusty. When you take the lens or body cap from your camera the sensor is right there. We have cleaned dust, oil, pollen and fingerprints from Sony sensors with our fast while you wait sensor cleaning service.

Sensor dust is a problem that sometimes editing isn’t always going to cover, especially if you’ve been changing your lenses on location. But dust is everywhere, even on the tidiest of studio shoots.

Give your retoucher or even yourself a break from cloning out dust spots with a good sensor clean. Our sensor cleaning is extremely thorough, to make sure even the most stubborn dust is removed not just from your sensor but from the entire housing of your camera.