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DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer

Original price R 11,595.00 - Original price R 14,195.00
Original price
R 11,595.00
R 11,595.00 - R 14,195.00
Current price R 11,595.00

Create stunning and smooth video footage with the latest DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer. The gimbal delivers a flexible and efficient shooting experience to solo video creators as well as independent crews.

Quick-Release Plates

With the dual-layered quick-release plates on the DJI RS 3 Gimbal, you'll be able to quickly and conveniently mount a camera, with no need to re-balance the gimbal again after swapping out a memory card or a new battery. The DJI RS 3 also features a newly added fine-tuning knob on the tilt axis that allows the camera to slide forward or backwards with millimeter-grade precision to ensure that you achieve accurate balancing when changing lenses.

Automated Axis Locks

With automated axis locks implemented, you'll be able to get up and running instantly on the Ronin-S 3 gimbal. While the gimbal is powered off, press and hold the power button, and the three axes unlock while the gimbal expands automatically, making it really convenient for creators to start working within seconds. Once you finish creating stunning footage, simply just hit the power button once, and the axes automatically locks and enters into sleep mode, making transportation and travel significantly more efficient, and when holding the power button in it will fold and lock automatically.

Wireless Shutter Control

DJI has implemented Dual-Mode Bluetooth, allowing the RS 3 Gimbal to support wireless shutter control. With this implemented, you'll save time and effort with every use as you'll be able to control video and photo shooting by easily pressing the record button on the stabilizer. Previously paired cameras can automatically reconnect after the first use, eliminating the need for a camera control cable.

Excellent Weight-to-Payload Ratio

With an extremely lightweight of 1.3kg, the DJI RS 3 can easily be held in one hand and can take a payload of up to 3kg which more than enough to support mainstream cameras, including the Sony A7 III or Canon R5 camera with lens attached.

3rd-Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm

With next-generation RS stabilization algorithm built-in, the RS 3 is capable of providing enhanced stability in any scenario. Laboratory sampling data shows that the gimbal provides a 20% increas in stability over the RSC 2, making it easier and effortlessly to manage low-angle shots, running scenarios, or switching between high and low positions.

Beyond Smooth

If it is required that you need anything smoother, simply turn on the SuperSmooth mode. The DJI RS 3 will increase the motor torque to further enhance stabilization, delivering stable footage even in fast-moving situations or when 100mm-equivalent focal lenses are used.

1.8" OLED Touchscreen

Built-in to the design of the RS 3 Gimbal is a brand new full-colour 1.8" OLED touchscreen with an 80% larger display. It also supports most Ronin app settings, providing intuitive and precise control together with the redesigned user interface.

Instant Mode Switching

When sliding the new gimbal mode switch, you can easily alternate between Pan follow, Pan and Tilt follow, and FPV modes. The FPV mode selection is also customisable to 3D Roll 360, Portrait, or Custom, allowing you to adjust your equipment so that you can get started really fast.

Customisable Front Dial

You can easily control the zoom or focus with the front dial. The dial can also be customised to control the camera's shutter, aperture, ISO, or gimbal movements, making it the ideal gimbal for single-handed operation.

Monitoring via Smartphone

The DJI RS 3 supports the Ronin Image Transmitter (previously known as the Ronin RavenEye Image Transmitter) to transmit 1080p/30 fps HD live feeds directly to your smartphone. The maximum transmission distance is up to 200 meters and the end-to-end transmission latency is as low as 60ms. Additionally, the smartphone can also be attached to the NATO port on the RS 3 with the phone holder for wireless monitoring.

Integrated Monitoring and Control

The Ronin app allows users to remotely adjust camera exposure directly, or you can control the gimbal with the virtual joystick to get an integrated monitoring and control experience.

Force Mobile

The Ronin Image Transmitter, your smartphone can be used as a motion controller to remotely control the DJI RS 3 Gimbal for more flexible and dynamic camera movements.

New Battery Grip

With the new battery grip, it will provide an extended runtime of up to 12 hours, enough to handle continuous shooting throughout the day. It supports 18W PD fast charging with a charge of time of just 2.5 hours.

Please note: In the event that a refund is requested on any DJI product for reasons not based on the rules set out in the Consumer Protection Act, and that product has been registered and/or activated, a 22% handling fee will be applicable.

  • Supports Sony a7S III/Canon R5 Cameras
  • Advanced 1.8" OLED Touchscreen
  • Instant Mode Switching
  • Supports Wireless Image Transmitter
  • Motion Control with Smartphone
  • 12-Hour Operation Time, PD Fast Charging
  • Fine-Tuning Knob on Tilt Axis
Grip Design Single Handgrip

Load Capacity 6.6 lb / 3 kg
Number of Axes 3-Axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
Rotation Range Yaw (Pan): 360°
Pitch (Tilt): -112 to 214°
Roll: -95 to 240°
Follow Speed  Pan: 360°/s
Tilt: 360°/s
Roll: 360°/s

Camera Control On Compatible Models
Camera Mounting Screw 1 x 1/4"-20 Male

Inputs/Outputs 3 x USB Type-C (Control) Output
1 x USB Type-C (Power)
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz (2.4 - 2.484)
Wireless Protocol Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Type 1 x Built-In
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh / 21 Wh
Battery Runtime 12 Hours
Battery Charging Time 2.5 Hours
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion Polymer (LiPo)
Voltage 7.2 VDC

Operating Temperature -20 to 45°C
Display Type Fixed Touchscreen OLED
Mounting 1 x 1/4"-20 Female
1 x Cold Shoe Mount
Dimensions 410 x 260 x 195 mm
Weight 990 g
  • DJI RS 3 Gimbal Stabilizer
  • DJI BG21 Grip for RS 3 Gimbal
  • USB Type-C Charging Cable
  • Lens Support
  • Extended Grip/Tripod
  • Quick Release Plate (Arca-Type/Manfrotto)
  • USB Type-C Multi-Control Cable
  • Screw Kit


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